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2023 Impeccable Football Hobby Box

2023 Impeccable Football Hobby Box

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2023 Panini Impeccable Football Hobby Box

Configuration: 1 pack per box. 8 cards per pack.

- The juggernaut that is Impeccable Football returns for 2023 boasting the brand’s trademark Elegance Helmet & Patch Auto RC or Rookie Patch Auto RC (one per box, on average) and some absolutely stunning autograph and autograph memorabilia content.
- Look for calling-card on-card autograph sets such as Elegance Veteran Patch Autographs, Extravagance Patch Autographs, Impeccable Jersey Number Autographs, Immortal Ink and more.
- Chase two-, three- and four-autograph cards in the Inkpeccable Duos, Trios and Quads inserts.
- Hunt for Impeccable’s Silver and Gold piece cards in NFL, Hall of Fame, Pro Bowl and USA Flag versions falling one per case, on average.

Box Break:
- 5 Or 6 Autographs Including One Rpa
- 2 Or 3 Base Or Parallel Cards
- 1 Silver Or Gold Card Per Case

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